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It all ended in 1991, the rest is shitty fanfiction

 Interdimensional 80s and 90s Anime Adaptations: Women's Edition :  r/midjourney

 "August 29th 1997 came and went. Nothing much happened. Michael Jackson turned forty. There was no Judgement Day. People went to work as they always do, laughed, complained, watched TV, made love. I wanted to run down the street yelling…to grab them all and say ‘Every day from this day is a gift. Use it well’. Instead, I got drunk.

That was thirty years ago. But the dark future which never came still exists for me, and it always will, like the traces of a dream lingering in the morning light."
 Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley 90s style Fanart I made for a ...

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French Lö'sistance



The railways were a favorite target of French resistance saboteurs, who soon understood that removing bolts from the tracks was LESS DANGEROUS, and far more EASIER, SILENT, and EFFICIENT than planting explosives. 










 French Resistance Wine Poster




 r/PixelArt - French resistance - Pixel art




 French resistance