perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2022

Niinistö vs. Zelenskyi - Ukrainan miljoonat




 - Sauli, thank you for the FIFTY million <3








Volodymyr, I said fifteen, not fifty









 - These FIFTY million helps us much Sauli, thank you








- I'm pretty sure I said fifteen









- No you said fifty












 - Volodymyr, I know I said fifteen, you misheard me

- I'm so happy you help us, FIFTY MILLION is sooo much money

- No it's fifteen, two totally different numbers, Volodymyr


- I think I put half of this FIFTY MILLION on humanitarian aid, then..


- No it's only fifteen million


- Sauli you can not change the amount now, you already promised FIFTY

- I said fifteen

- But you must now give me FIFTY, I already said to my people that you give me FIFTY, Sauli

- WHAT!?? You did that on purpose! Now I can't give you any less or your people will hate me and call me cheapskate and a liar!!!

- Thank you Sauli we talk later, bye..... Oh, one more thing, Sauli.





- .....What?




















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