sunnuntai 16. elokuuta 2015

Red Marker II - The Mystery Of The Two Cards

(part 1 here)

- Psst... They say he's The Red Marker

- Don't you mean Red Marker, it's just a name, you know

- I though it was some kind of superhero name?!

- No I'm pretty sure it's just his name

- SShhh-Shut up.. he noticed



- .....We can talk, he's gone now. PUFF just like that

- No, he just walked into that pub

- But I heard he's got magical powers

"But I heard he's got magical powers!"

- No no, I'm quite sure he just entered that pub and you weren't looking dimwit

- Hrrrrr... But still a scary sight to see.. Did you see those eyes.. They say he's the judge, jury and executioner

- But he only has got a pen! A fucking red pen!

- Well would you say he's the executioner?

- What the fuck he will execute you with?! With the RED PEN, for GOD's SAKE?!

- Well would you believe jury?

- But it's only one of him, jury has several people

- Then a judge, would you buy that?

- He hasn't got a fancy wig. Fancy hat yes, but fancy wig no. I wouldn't say he's the judge either

- Well fuck you Thomas, there's just no healthy romanticism left in you. Your life must be fucking boring and grey

- HAH! At least I'm not reading Helsingin Sanomat

- ...

- ...

- Well ok I'll meet in the half way. Would you say he's a judge in a fancy hat, he fakes the other names in the jury albeit there's only one of him, and he executes people by sticking the red pen in their eyesockets?

- umm.... Plausible. Sounds good to me, my friend, sounds good to me



- What seems the be the problem officer?

- YOU THERE. Yes, you the stupid looking. Pick one of these cards

- W-why what... Have I done something????


- ! ! Ok, ok.. umm.. Let's see. Well.. I.. I...I choose the left one

- ALRIGHT I KNEW IT. MAY GOD BE MY WITNESS I KNEW IT. Ok, That's it, you can go on with your business sirs. But don't you be taking any cards from policemen again, IS THAT CLEAR?


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