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Red Marker sidestory - Two Idiots - Winged Ship

If you like, here is..: Red Marker III


- Yes, hurry up here, I can see its beams of light through the fog

- Oh the stairs *agh pant pant*... aah yes there I can see it. Christ.... Peculiar phonemeon

- Yes indeed, some kind of aerial vehicle it seems?

- Vehicle.. Perhaps

- It will touch the downtown church tower if it goes yonder

- Maybe I should give a shout...? ahem, here we go.. Throw her up higher or she'll hit the steeple!!!!!!!

- Nothing... They cannot hear you from this distance. Still.. It just... gives me the chills. Unhuman thing

- Don't think of it that way; she's a beauty though. Look at the wings, the lights, the shape. Like a angelic whale. Homesick angel lost in this fog and darkness. A bit like your wife

- SHUT IT. ...It must be unheard on this earth. Even if it was a vehicle, what makes it run?

- Steam?

- 'Ave you seen them steam engines? They weight as much as my house. And you cannot make my house fly! She is not a balloon, because there's no wind and the thing it moves forth, there are the heavy lights and wings and...

- ....It is not a machine of any kind then. I... I have to say it makes me bit ill. Scared like a child. You've seen the flying balloon with people flying them. They fill her up with some very hot air and it goes up. This is not a balloon. And those are not lime lights. they are too bright.

- Not a balloon. exquisite.. horrendous.

- She's disappearing into the dark now. With that tremendous speed it will hit the church right about..... ..... ... ... ... ... ........ . now... ... ?...

- I can not hear anything..  Gone. She missed it.. It was steered off course. Something made it avoid the steeple

- Yes... ... ok.. ok... .. Let's go down to Henry's to sum this up.. I need some of that local warm ale after this horror. And the cold..

- I'll help you with the article. We'll get some money out of this. Even if it give me nightmares

- I get some money out of it, not you..

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