keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2015

Hetzluger, eli lisää fiiliksiä mainosalalta

.....'lemme in lemme in lemme in you old jew bastard businessfaggot'

- COME IN!!!

- Hey boss, here's the jew meatstick and chicken wing ads you asked for

- Thank you, you were quick on that, keep it up. Ok show me what you got

- You remember those 'digestive' chocolate biscuits? Well I think we should steal the idea.. Here:

Guarantee.. make you say..
'Take then thy bond, take thou thy pound of flesh' a real actor

- "Take thou thy?" bond, pound? Is it correct? It sounds weird.

- Well you have no idea how much I've studied shakespearean acting and english, darling. Anyway; here's the wings:

- There's something on the wing.. some.. thing..
Chicken wings with that good 'ol chinese homemade pollution with a taste of cock

- Magnificent! Absolutely brilliant! Can we include Shatner? We must get him to do a little TV time for this. Whatever it costs!

- Oh it's nothing... what? shatner? how do you mix chicken wings with twilight zone? I don't know maybe you can. But hey, here's the rapedrink ads.

- Don't go out on a rape date, but if you ever do, I do it for you

Rohypnol - for his desires

Your favorite pas(out)time drink

- Very, very good. Hmm... I'm not sure about the jew stick slogan. Do you have any others..?

- I got few:
'Mmmm, it's jew-cy..'
'Trains to Auschwitz said choo-choo, but when you taste this, it makes you go jew-jew!'

- Ok.. Naaah, let's go with the original text

- Whatever you say, boss. Aaaaand finally here's the popsicle ad

- Kids are gonna love that. A raise. thats whats coming to you!


Motörheadin ruotsalaisrumpali Micael ”Mikkey Dee” Kiriakos Delaoglou soitti edesmenneen Lemmy Kilmisterin kanssa yli 30 vuotta.

Sori tuota idiootit, mutta muistan nuoruudestani että mikkey dee soitteli king diamondissa, ja ennen 'spiders lullabye'-albumia siirtyi motorheadiin. 'Spiders..' ilmestyi joskus 1994. Joten.. Mikä helvetti teitä riivaa. Tehkää työnne. Vähän yli parikytä vuotta ei ole yli 30 vuotta. Pääsisinkö toimittajaksi? Paljonko palkka? Voin siis kirjoittaa mitä vittu haluan. ok.. kiitos. nähdään toimituksessa.

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