torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2016

Hidden king of hard science fiction

Mistä tahansa aiheesta saa kiinnostavan tv-sarjan, jopa roskakuskeista- sijoita se vain avaruuteen/tulevaisuuteen.

"No "epicness", no space races or über machines. There's no sound in space either. Our characters face what space has really to offer - cancer, leukemia, osteoporosis, hypoxia, mental disorders.
Our characters work as debris haulers, the problem, that is actually going to arise in our future. They try to prevent accidents with debris collision, to stop Kessler effect."

"hidden gem. It's bit similar to Hollywood Sci-Fi space movies like Gravity etc though this one is damn good. Although the first half is needs patience, because it's the 2nd Half where you realize the true potential"

"Incredibly realistic. As there is no sound in space because of the lack of air, Planetes keeps our ears listening with its beautiful classical music that fits the theme of the series."

"Planetes is the best space series, ever.
The series brings beautiful illustration to a realistic future where humans have extensive operations in space. Perhaps it is surprising that no one else has ever seriously attempted such a project, but without a doubt, Planetes has not been challenged in this area by any media I know of.
Over a decade since it aired, a small cult following of the series can still be seen online."

Seiun award for best science fiction series 2002, 2005

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