sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2016

Little man with big eraser

When a library or archive has a terrible accident, it's always suspicious, and on the 3rd March 2009, the historical archive of the German city of Cologne just happened to completely collapse out of the blue. Around 90% of the 18 kilometres (11 miles) of shelves of documents dating back to 922 AD were buried, and the damage to history was described as being worse than the 2004 fire at Weimar's Duchess Anna Amalia Library. The archive building wasn't old and historic itself, having been constructed in 1971. The cause of the collapse, in which two people were killed, remains unknown.

- The hidden world

It is estimated that over a third of all German books had already been destroyed by bombing in West Germany alone, and this does not include those books in the areas taken from Germany after the war. Added to the millions of German books destroyed world wide during the anti-German hysteria of World War One.

A little man with a big eraser changing history
Procedures that he's programmed to, and all he hears and sees
Altering the facts and figures, events and every issue
He can make a person disappear and no one will ever miss you

- Megadeth, 'Hook in mouth'

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