torstai 22. lokakuuta 2015

Earl of Grey avautuu saksalaislasten aivopesusta

..Facebookista tuttu meemiperseilijä. Mietin aina IHAN samaa miten minäkin muutuin ihanasta suvakista kammottavaksi hitleriksi.

"German nationalism is dead.

This is a hard reality for many of us to face but it's the plain truth. No country is collectively more self-loathing and uninterested in her past than we Germans are. We are afraid to be proud of who we are (and were) because of a 12 year period of our history, as if everything our people have ever done is irreparably tainted by the actions taken by a small minority of Germans in that time.

We are taught to hate ourselves: as a boy in Gymnasium, I remember in history class briefly grazing over the "dysfunction of the Holy Roman Empire" before we moved on the the "evils of German colonialism" in the pre-war period before we finally dedicated a hugely unproportionate time to learning about the Holocaust and "atrocities committed in the name of German nationalism."

And at the time I fully accepted it. I, like most Germans my age, felt if not guilt, indifference at being a German. I wished to be something else. It took me years and much self-education to finally come to terms with who I was, to realize there is so much for us to be proud of as a people.

This is something very few Germans will learn. They will prefer their Americanized globalist "culture" to be found on ProSieben or RTL to the Wagner, Beethoven and Dürer of their past. The few of us who take pride in who we are live as ghosts, living but unseen... afraid to speak out due to fear of the inevitable consequences."

It has become a crime to love your own nation, culture and language

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