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Eurabia: Harmageddon; some game units from eurabia side

Nigger Berserker

Attack 10
Defence 10
- Can only be used in groups no smaller than a company or else loses morale and exits map
- If divided or facing troops at least 2/3 of its size at least 3 hexes deep in enemy territory, loses morale, retreats, scatters, and tries to rally itself to larger groups
- Is not equipped, cannot be equipped, but can use random items as weapons
Perk: Open Season Eurabia!
Perk 2: Inside, I'm just a little boy. (Lone unit will automatically lose morale and exit map when encountering Peasant Street Patrol, Vigilante or Soldiers of Odin Patrol)


Sandnigger Berserker

Attack 8
Defence 8
- Special ability: Animal herd rage street riots (Enemy demoralization)
- Is not equipped, but can use random items as weapons. 1 out of ten units have chance of acquiring free random firearm from unit Bank of Allah, from at least level 1 firearm to level 10 military equipment
Perk: Open Season Eurabia! (When battle victory points are above 60% to Eurabia side, unit will turn against Eurabian dhimmi units, like Media Propaganda Brainwasher and Anti-Racist Ape etc. So to speak, will randomly start destroying own units after some certainty of winning battle)
Perk 2: Inside, I'm just a little boy.
- Can recharge Jihad points to maximum for free, in any chosen mosque


Media Propaganda Brainwasher


Attack 1
Defence 1
Mental Attack (Enemy unit capture) 10
Special Ability 1: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil(Immune to mental attack from infidel special units like Evil Allah-AhoSeppo Lehto Berserker, Angry Emails and Blogs, Street facespitter, Angry Staring PeasantHalla-Aho and such)

Mental attack: Put on that annoying smile, and talk of equality and love like the little child you are. (Pushes enemy Peasant unit to the brink of insanity. Can only be played once per enemy unit. If failed, enemy Peasant is cured from creeping insanity, and upgrades itself to level 2 Nuiva and is forever immune to Media Propaganda Brainwasher. If mental attack is a success, then enemy Peasant loses sanity and is captured to Eurabia side and turned into Social Justice Dhimmī Warrior, or Anti-Racist Ape).

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  1. Ei saatana, tämä oli hyvä. Vaan nyt on sivistyksessäni aukko kun en tunnista kenen kuva tuossa Media Propaganda Brainwasherissa on.

    p.s. Poliittisesti korrekti termi ählämille on Sandmonkey. Näin mulle ainakin South Park on opettanut

    1. laitoin googleen vain 'yleisradio toimittaja' ja otin vittumaisimman naaman mikä kuvahaussa vastaan tuli..