sunnuntai 18. lokakuuta 2015

Infidel units and stuff from Eurabia: Harmageddon

Firework Launcher

Attack 1
Defence 0

Special ability: Happy new year niggers!!! (Can change even the most grim immigration day to a holiday season, bringing morale boost to infidel faction and causing morale loss in Eurabia units, and non-lethal damage to Infiltration Carriers and low level units)



Attack 4
Defence 2
Mental attack defence 6

- Basic workhorse unit for infidel faction; is the faction, without it there would be no faction
Perk: Teeth grinding mumbling (As a member of useless slave race, unit cannot be used in early game, i.e., is dormant; takes it up the tailpipe and hisses in anger, but does activate after certain breaking point, somewhere between Valtamedia Mokutuskiima and Harmageddon)


Angry Staring Peasant

Attack 1
Defence 1
Mental attack 3

- When grouped, can cause serious morale damage to lone Eurabian units with its judgemental medusa stare
- 200 units can make even lone Level 2 Infiltration Carrier to exit map


Peasant Street Patrol

Attack 6
Defence 5

- Can make lone or small group Eurabian units exit map or lose morale



Attack 10
Defence 2

- Not to be confused with Loose Cannon
Special Ability: Judge, Jury, and Executioner (Can skip bureaucracy and handle difficult legal procedures in split second only by gut instinct and moral spine)


Shit Sandwich


- Shit Sandwich is served to a Infidel low level units to gain morale and health
- Not to be confused with game event Hallituksen Säästölinja


Soldiers of Odin Patrol

Attack 10
Defence 10

- Undead Peasant Patrol units brought back to life by infidel special unit Mestari, to patrol the streets once more
- Can make lone or small group Eurabian units exit map or lose morale


Ghost of Pekka Siitoin

Attack ?

Some say unit is not included in game, some say it is just a game glitch or easter egg, but I say lähetetään kaikki pakolaisneekerit Lappiin lumitöihin. Joulupukkikin tarvitsee mustia tonttuja. Se on tasa-arvoa

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